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Welcome To How To Make Money From Home

Hi, I'm Mark and welcome to my blog.

Just like you I always dreamed of starting my own business and making money from home.

So in 2003 I read a book that changed my thinking "Rich Dad Poor dad" it talked about the concept of residual income. From that moment forward I was hooked. How could I create assets that would pay me the magic of residual income every month, month after month.

What I really wanted was more than this. Having more free time to do the things I wanted, travel the world, not to worry about money, retire early annd spend time with friends and family was what I realy wanted. Creating a business was just a route to these goals.

So in September 2003 I lauched my first internet business from home and have never looked back. Today I live a life funded by the hard work I put in to build a number of Residual Income Machines which continue to pay me every month whether I work or not.

You could do the same.

This webste is packed with tips on how to build your own residual income machine(s), work from home, enjoy fincial freedom and get whatever you want.

Aim for the stars, dream big, and never give up!

Good Luck, Mark

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