How To Build A Website

Building a website is essential for any business.  If you don’t have your own website then to the outside world and potential customers you don’t have a business.  Everybody today has a smartphone and if a potential customer can’t check find you online they will simply go to your competitor.

Building a website is not hard.  It is possible to build a basic website in under 20 minutes with very little experience of knowledge. However the initial build of the website is just the start.  Once you have built the site you need to know about how to get people to the site, seach engine optimisation, pay per click marketing, social media integration, autoresponders etc etc etc …..  Sorry did I lose you then.  There is a whole world of stuff you will need to learn.

Introduction To WordPress

To build a website you do not need to know how to code.  Building a website is more like a click and point step by step process with various platforms out there to help you do the hard work.  The best and most widely used is WordPress (This site runs on WordPress).

To build your website using WordPress you simply:

  • Choose a hosting company.  I recommend Wealth Affiliate.
  • Choose a domain name.  This is the web address of your site.
  • Install WordPress.  You normally just press a big button.
  • Enter a few fields like website title.
  • Choose the look and feel of the site.  WordPress has 1000s of themes pre-built to choose from.
  • Create some basic pages like about us, home, privacy, contact us.  This is done in a simply editor like you would if you were writing an email.
  • Start creating posts which is the content.  This article is a post.

Where To Host Your Site

There are 1000s of companies where you can host your website.  However there is only 1 company, Wealth Affiliate,  that has 2 unique extra benefits others companies don’t.  These benefits are:

  • 2 Free websites for you to get started.
  • Free training on how to build and grow your site.

Even if you host your website elsewhere it is worth creating a free account to get the free training (this is exactly what I did at the start).  The free training will save you lots of time and get you up and running fast.

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