My No.1 Way To Make Money From Home With No Website

In 2003 I left the corporate world as a management consultant to start my own online business.

One of the first thing I did was to join a local Business Networking Group and 16 years later I am still a member of the same group. We meet every Wednesday and have breakfast together to help find each other business.

In this group was a lady called Sally. Sally was promoting utilities – gas electric mobile phones and broadband. I let her quote on me and she saved me signigicant amount of money. It was a no brainer to become a customer so I signed up.

I then asked Sally “How Do You Get Paid? Could I earn money doing the same?”. You see I’m always on the lookout for opportunities and this seemed easy to recommend to friends and family.

She showed me this video.

Just 2 hours a day part time could earn you £2000+ per month EXTRA INCOME!.

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Wow I thought, this is true residual income, work once and earning a commission every month on every customer I sign up. I was so impress I joined as a distributor.

In my first weekend I signed up 6 customers including my mum and dad, my brother, my aunt, my brothers neighbour Paul, my neighbours Tony Maureen across the road and a friend. They are still all customers today. Over the last 10 years I have earned over £2500 in commission and I am still earning commission from them every signle month. Not bad for a few hours work.

Utility Warehouse now pays up to £350 per customer upfront so If I joined today I would earn £2100 on those 6 customers straight away!!

This has been one the best decissions I every made. The “Residual Income” I now earn on my customer base pays my mortgage and all my bils and grows every month. Technically I could retire and never work again but that would be boring.

If you would like more money, more free time, to retire early, pay off credit cards, travel  the world or just like helping people then I highly recommend signing up as a distributor.

It is risk free and the joining fee of £100 is fully refundable in the first 4 months of joining as long as you have attended the free training.

I will even personal mentor you and help you sign up your first 6 customers which could earn you up to £2100 in your first 45 days.

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