The Book That Introduced Me To Residual Income

2003 was the year I quit my high paying management consulting job. I had always wanted to do my own thing but not sure what but quit anyway.

I went for a walk along the River Thames in to Kingston. I’m lucky to live in a fantastic place on the outskirts of London called Surbiton made famous by the 1970s sitcom “The Good Life” and I can report it lives up to its reputation, life is good.

Now, I did not know what to do as a business. I was scribbling ideas in my notebook, but on this day I poped into a local bookshop and saw the book that would change the way I thought.

The book was …….

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Every business owner and entrapenur must read this book. It will explain why most business owners do not have a business but a job.